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A Night with The Aristocrats (2007) (a concertante work of plucking, blowing and bowing)

The guitar part came inspirationally first to me as one of my 24 Studies that I wrote few years ago. For a while though I wondered if a melodic part should be added to this part and eventually form a duo but soon a request from my dear colleagues Corey Whitehead and Alan Durst for a guitar, soprano sax plus strings led me to orchestrate it in this form.

The work starts with a meditative introduction before the main part unfolds a dance idea between the two instruments and the string orchestra, almost humoresque over a pensive thought in the soprano sax that repeats itself almost as an unanswered question. Can any one please answer? Strings do play an important part in terms of balance and the one of an extra third force.

My composition language is sometimes folkloristic around my Greek heritage, sometimes around tonal centers, and sometimes simple within a few key notes, evolves around programmatic ideas that I get from every day living.

a night with the aristocrats

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