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A Year of Silence

Press release


Silver Sickle Productions releases the first ever music recording of absolute silence by Dr. Apostolos Paraskevas.


A Year of Silence is a collection of programmatic titles accompanied by time measured silence.

Yes, the whole recording comprises ten titles full of… nothing.

Opening Silence, A Silent Thought, Deafening Silence, I Have Nothing to Say, Do You Hear This?, Listening to Silence, Silent Sky, White Silence, Shh…, Grieving Silence.   They reveal the composer’s wish of not wanting to leave anything personal or memorable behind for this year of struggle during COVID.


In his words: I spent a lot of time contemplating the sound of the year we all experienced. Was it a loud year? In a sense yes but I didn’t feel it that way. The Year of COVID.  I sat down to compose numerous times but no sound came to me. When the composer John Cage conceived his work 4’:33” he perceived it primarily for a live performance setting where all and everything contributed to the sound of silence he composed… I ‘listened’ performances of 4’:33” to get inspired by the absence of music but most of them were eventful and active. I concluded that I don’t want to remember this year with any tangible music that I could have composed even I really wanted to. It was not possible. That’s why I decided to ‘compose’ and ‘record’ my first music album of Silence, a recording of utter silence. This for me represents the sound of the year we lived through.  No other sounds should interfere when the listener’s intention is to concentrate within.  It is a recording that you should experience alone, away from distractions and any sounds.  I dedicate it to everyone who got affected and still does from this pandemic.



Apostolos Paraskevas is a composer and an award-winning film director and producer. He has received multiple international awards for his compositions and was nominated for a Grammy Award. He has made over a dozen recordings of his music and his orchestral music has been performed around the world in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Athens Hall, Weill Hall, Jordan Hall, St. Petersburg and Capella Halls/Russia by numerous symphony orchestras including Albany Symphony, Boston Landmarks, Boston University, Newton Symphony Orchestra, National Festival Orchestra, Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Odessa National Orchestra, National Greek Orchestra, Cyprus Symphony, Florida International University, Thessaloniki Municipal Symphony Orchestra. He is the founder and served for 16 years as the artistic director of the International Guitar Congress-Festival of Corfu, Greece.  He is a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammys) and Professor of Music at Berklee College of Music.

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