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concerto for guitar and flute

"Constitution Article 91"


Constitution Article 91

The piece is quite demanding from a technical point of view and unfolds many sonorities for both solo instruments as well as orchestra, including dense texture, polyphony, and a flavor of minimalism just before the end. After an agitated orchestra introduction, the flute enters with a lamenting and painful melody. The guitar then takes over and introduces some of the core motivic elements of the work. Next, the flute and guitar join in a chase -like duo with virtuosic passages in both instruments, playing off the orchestra in a frenzied commotion. The slow and almost distorted cadenza (with the snare drum) comes as a surprise and, at the same time, as a moment of relief. The tension increases as propulsive rhythms drive through the finale and build with rapid agitation to the end.

The title of the work, Constitution Article 91, refers to a part of the former Greek constitution used by the dictatorship between 1976 and 1974 to abolish democracy in Greece. Certain rhythms in the work come from a fearsome and agitated speech that the dictator delivered to the academicians in 1973 following the students movement against the tyranny.

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