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Lamentation? (1995)

When I composed "Lamentation?" back in 1995, my main goal was to portray elements of a tragedy (usually dealing with Death) with all these idiosyncrasies which someone could find in certain cultures. Always there is a point, in the sadness of the His presence (Death), when people (especially in some cultures) need to laugh at Him by means of dancing or saying jokes or even laugh out loud; Here is where my dance comes to portray this aspect.

"Lamentation?" starts with a narrative and mournful way. Melancholic would be a more sufficient characterization . The dance which follows, is this specific element which keeps the balance in certain devastating situations. The balance between sadness and joy.

Characteristic lament sounds are the quarter tones and the existence of a glissando chord which the performer realizes by playing and singing at the same time.

For this work I did use thoughts and feelings derived form my home land Greece which I tried to transfer with a direct and at the same time a dynamic way for the performer.

(First Prize- advanced category- at the SKOA/Greece composition competition, 1996

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