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concerto for guitar and orchestra

"...Phygein Adynaton..."


..Phygein Adynaton..., 1996, for prepared guitar and orchestra, (excerpt) from Finale. The guitar concerto Phygein Adynaton (Impossible to Escape) calls for a guitarist with two classical guitars (one of which is prepared with paper-clips) and orchestra. The work is in one movement throughout but essentially has two parts divided in half by the guitar Cadenza. The first part is evocative and stochastic.

This invocation is around a tonal center where guitar and orchestra coexist in equal terms. In the second part the orchestra takes a different, more dynamic part. The prepared guitar sounds almost distorted, like a new instrument melodic and percussive at the same time. This part of the concerto is darker in the mood and of a philosophical point of view is trying to give a direction in the battle between life and death.

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