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A Simple Life and Some Tea Please


A Simple Life and Some Tea Please (2004)

"Paraskevas suggests using the piece to cap a program. I think it would also be a fine encore - the type of encore where everyone will be asking you after the concert who the composer was and where you found it."

Andrew Hull - Rosewood Review

"Paraskevas shows how to write skilful and entertaining music in a brief space."

Steve Marsh - Classical Guitar Magazine - UK

"This piece was conceived in a lovely tea place somewhere in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, was written in Medford, MA and was given as a birthday present to Laura Tjoelker a violin player in Boston, MA.

It is tonal oriented and to a great extent different than my original composition language which serves simple as a vehicle of direct communication to any music lover with an emphasis in melody and harmony. I used the tonalities of D minor and A major with the desire to create a flavor of nostalgic romanticism with some Greek character which is part of my heritage as musician.

Not demanding for the performers and short in duration could certainly serve as a charming conclusion to any demanding duo program.

well after all it is a birthday present"

Apostolos Paraskevas 2004

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