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...tell my wife I love her...


...tell my wife I love her... (2003)

The last words of a dying soldier. His last 5 minutes. A lament full of love, beautiful memories and the eminent shadow of Death. A simple melody unfolds onto a variation of agony and ecstasy. The end comes closer and closer as the heart beat accents and descents. Still the last beat says ...I love you...

Lamentations are a eulogy to love not to death. We lament because we love life. Death needs life to exist but not vice versa. ...Tell my Wife I love her..., was a part of 13 Laments which were written by Berklee College composers after a request of mine.

I thank all my esteemed colleagues for their time and talent they devoted to compose for me these beautiful works for the memory of love. I thank you for your trust and most of all I thank you for your dedication to music it self.

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