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concerto for guitar mezzo soprano and strings

"The Life Of Death"


the Life of Death

Death is a guitarist, a composer, and a disgruntled employee. "They" don't pay him enough at his present job. He complains all the time and wants to retire. He is sick and tired of dealing with people, who greet him with expressions such as: "Please, No!," "Don't take me today," "One more day please," "Take the other guy, next door," and so on! Death's only consolation is to go home to his "soul mates," his friends, and perform his favorite pieces.

He has only few minutes to perform before going back to "work".

The titles of the movements are:

I. "Awakening of Mournful Feelings on Arrival at Work",

II. "A Visit at the Playground", and

III."Sad and Ungrateful Feelings After the Visit - What A Life!"

Put down your beloved instrument Mr. Reaper! It's time to pay a visit to a fellow musician down the street...

A Profile of Death

Vital statistics: Male, single, ageless, wearing same stodgy outfit since the beginning of time.

Nickname: Grim Reaper.

Occupation: Collector of Music Souls, human ribs, and attitudes.

Dreams: To quit his present position and become a full time professional musician.

Hobbies: Composing, playing the guitar, walking in cemeteries during storms, Russian roulette, crashing music festivals.

Sad moments: Antibiotics.

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