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the other land

The Other Land



The other land is a metaphysical dwelling place where all souls meet after leaving well…this Land. Rhythm always gives me the drive for continuation in this work.  I utilize important elements from my Greek heritage and personal elements as well when it comes to form.  That’s why my music takes its shape and develops itself via a trip.  It starts with optimism, moves to an impulse and dizziness of the moment and soul’s nostalgia, the simplicity of the youth, the pain and salvation of Death and again returns at this optimistic feeling that was lost for a while.


The procedure of composing is very simple when I walk through it step by step.  Everything is so clear, ceremonial, related like a pray.  Whatever I offered I should receive back.  Nothing more. 


When I was asked by maestro Theodore Antoniou to compose this work based on the subject of “under the gaze of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, I wandered myself if his gaze was upon me while composing.


The work starts dramatically and is persistent like most of the departures to the other land; or it is like an attempt to answer the eternal question:  where are we going after this life?


The Other Land is a place we visit when we dream, a place where a living composer meets composers of the past. It is in this realm maybe where Mozart’s spirit visited me, where he shared with me a moment of creation, and where - through me- he passed on ideas and inspiration for my score.


“Dramatic like Death but alive like the life you live” he said to me.  “Sometimes funny, always evocative and please - never forget the melody!”  He exclaimed at the end, while the dawn was eclipsing this magical communication between us. 


I asked him if my counterpoint had to appear like a chase or merely like a brisk walk, so the wounded ones and the elderly could follow...


He placed his hand on my shoulder and left a sigh. How long a sigh lasts? I wonder...


Apostolos Paraskevas 

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