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24 Etudes

The subject of creating an educational aid for guitar students of an intermediate level which will serve as a similar aid for theory and composition students as well did fascinate me and motivate my compositional thought for quite a while. The objective was to create miniature complete works for the guitar, as J. S. Bach did with his fifteen inventions, in the manner of an Etude that deals with specific aspects of guitar techniques and musicianship in general.

These 24 Etudes are gradually graded concerning their difficulty and style. They do cover all positions of the instruments and explore known and some unfamiliar techniques of the contemporary guitarist.

Because of the fact that mostly young musicians will approach the 24 Etudes, I used a compositional language more familiar for their level but without of course sacrificing my original compositional voice. My intention was to educate students in a multilevel study environment and to be able to promote the music of our time. During my teaching years I found that students become better musicians when they have been taught to adapt certain performance difficulties and compositional techniques at an earlier level of their training.


1 with false optimism

2 with moderate sadness

3 with just the two of you

4 with a touch of impatience

5 with a touch of grandeur

6 with a counterpoint attitude

7 with a touch of shame

8 with a touch of boredom

9 going and never coming back

10 with a peaceful anger

11 without the heavy ones

12 without hope

13 without sense of humor

14 with a masculine attitude

15 with two little bears in mind

16 without hesitation

17 with shameless vibrato

18 with a touch of distress

19 without fear of failure

20 with this and that

21 with a kind motion

22 with a rondo attitude

23 with suspense

24 with everything you may have


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