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-An Orange, soprano/tenor and guitar, 4’, 2012

-An Orange, soprano/tenor and piano, 4’, 2012

-The Mother's Cry, mezzo-soprano and harpsichord, 5', 2009

-Something to Sing About, (mezzo)soprano and guitar, 20’, 2002                    

-Hope, for piano and mezzo-soprano, 4’ 1994                                                     

-Prometheus, for voice, flute, violin, guitar, and percussion, 5’, 1995  

-The Daedalus and Icarus Journey, voice and guitar, 5’, 1995                    

-Love Works -Sonetos de Amor, for mezzo-soprano, and chamber orchestra

 (solo violin, flute, clarinet, harp, strings), 13’, 1995      

-Sonetos de Amor, for soprano, mezzo soprano, and chamber orchestra, 13’,1994

-The Silver Swan, for piano and voice, 5’ 1993                 


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